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Effective advertisement & marketing solution with a personal touch.


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It does what it says on the box.

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It offers the features that are fast and efficient without any compromises.


Lightning Fast

Once you click the magic button, your content is delivered instantly to your target audience. Same applies when you decide to stop it.

Built with care

A lot of care has been taken in the development of this solution. Every part of PR Messenger is self-explanatory.

User friendly

As a human, we make errors but with PR Messenger, you don’t have to worry about it because it takes care of that for you.

What is PR Messenger?

It is a marketing tool which enables you to send marketing materials via short messaging service (SMS). It can also be called bulk sms tool as that’s what it actually does.

You simply load all your contacts, type your message(s) and send it instantly or you can simply save the message template for later use.

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Options built for you

PR Messenger comes with tonnes of feature which you won’t find elsewhere.

With PR Messenger, you can target specific audience (Personal, Corporate or even your Staff members), create templates targeting those audience, receive instant responses and to top it all off, you can have one-to-one conversation with your customers.

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Simply Amazing!